As the world faces the
which is increasingly spreading, is deeply affecting us all including elephants.

No more tourists
Both elephants and mahouts are losing jobs
Some sites are unable to provide wages for mahouts and food for elephants
Mahouts have retreated back to their remote villages

Elephants are now unoccupied
They spend more time tethered to a post due to working load of mahout per elephant or mahout may spending time finding extra income
Limited food sources due to droughts and camps on limited budgets for daily nutrient requirements

How will the elephants survive in this situation?
All elephants still live their lives just as same as us humans that require daily food consumption. Mahouts and camp owners still have expenses for elephant management and care without the crucial income from tourists!
Elephants that are taken back to the owner's homes have limited natural resources for food and are at risk of suffering from forest fires with restricted access to veterinary care.

How can we help these elephants?
When fellow camp members are in need, The Thai Elephant​ Alliance​ Association​ is willing to help all camp members
We believe that the 2 most important assets at the time are food and medicine. Therefore the donation of money and useful items will be transferred to camps in need.

1. Once the donations have reached a significant amount, we will contact elephant camps in need of food and medicine and will provide them with it.
Food items that can be stored for 3-5 days such as bananas, banana trees, pumpkins, tamarinds, and corn will be provided by the association.

2. For elephants that have traveled back to the owner's villages, we will contact them for home visits provided with basic medicine and first aid kits.

Contact us directly and we will try our best to provide a helping hand. Inquiries are welcome through direct messages to our inbox and through telephone numbers 090-325-6453, 085-658-8464, 063-594-6366

Elephant are badly effected by Covid-19 Global Crisis


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